CIS Returns

We provide a specialist accounting services to the construction industry (CIS) ensuring contractors and subcontractors meets regulatory requirement.

If you are setting up a new business and law says your company needs to register under the CIS scheme then you are also required by law to prepare and submit the monthly return to HMRC based on the deduction you made from the sub-contractors working for your company as well as making the payment to HMRC on time.

It may be possible that your company is also suffering the CIS deduction, in that case you also need to report HMRC confirms how much the CIS your company has suffered.

We will do the following for you
  • Register you as CIS contractor.
  • Register you as CIS sub-contractors.
  • Help you to verify sub-contractors.
  • Submit Monthly CIS return.
  • Report monthly CIS suffered to HMRC.
  • Help you to claim back the CIS refund.
  • Deal with HMRC inquires on the refund claim.

This can be problematic and very time consuming, especially when the incorrect information has been sent to HMRC. That is why we are here to take this burden off of your shoulder. We will send all the correct information to HMRC on your behalf. We will not only report the CIS you have deducted from sub-contractors, but we will also report the CIS your company may have suffered.

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